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Tour the Cassata Sonoma Family Vineyard in the Sonoma Valley

Your Cru Wine Club tasting experience begins with a trip to the Cassata Sonoma family vineyard in the Sonoma Valley. This area is known for producing some of the best wines in the world. The Cassata Sonoma Family vineyard is a small boutique vineyard. The region features outstanding climate and soil conditions for grapes, known as terroir. Dry, sunny days, and cool nights, ocean breezes and fog create the perfect conditions for the best fruit from the vineyards in this area and in turn create some of the most amazing wine in the world.

The Cassata Sonoma Family vineyard in Glen Ellen, California practices biosustainable farming ensuring the grapes for their Utopium wines are of the purest quality. Experience these incredible wines at Cru Wine Club and make your reservations here on our website under “Tastings”.

Click here to watch our vineyard video.

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